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Women’s self-defense seminar

Signup now! Limited spots available!

Date: January 22nd 12-2 pm

Location: Fitness Lounge NYC 30-77 Steinway St, Astoria, NY 11103

Investment: $60

Put in coupon code FIESelfDefense to get $10 off if you register before December 31st.

You will learn:

Basic to advanced self-defense principles, skills, concepts and techniques.

Real Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA and grappling techniques to real-life applications.

Simple concepts of self-awareness, spacial awareness in different scenarios

The truth about martial arts and self-defense (what they don’t tell you)

Standing defensive techniques to grabs, punches, kicks, locks, chokes...etc

Ground defense to several self-defense situations

Basic Muay Thai/MMA techniques such as punching, kicking and knees

Partner drills to demonstrate knowledge of the techniques and applications

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