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New monthly subscription program

Our new Fighting is Easy subscription program is here:

Here are the details:

When you sign up for membership monthly subscription program, you will receive:

- A free custom Fighting is Easy face mask

-Weekly group online classes. 4 classes per month: 

- Week 1 Class Muay Thai/kickboxing

- Week 2 Yoga and flexibility 

- Week 3 Cardio and strength training

- Week 4 combination of cardio and hiit style training

The Classes will be recorded and put on a secure platform for subscribers only that you can watch and workout anytime 

- One 30 minute coaching call per month

* In the calls I will:  

    * Provide you with accountability and support 

    * Provide workouts you can do at home 

    *Help you set up your nutrition plan

    * Help Overcome obstacles 

This is a monthly subscription for only $49.99  per month (can be less if you bring others in) 

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Fighting Is Easy Is A Mixed Martial Arts Lessons Service By John Luda Cumper. All Lessons Are Conducted In Queens New York, USA.

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