Andres "The Black Shark" Jeudi

Andres “The Black Shark” Jeudi grew up in the city of Dorchester, MA. 

Since a young age, Andres has always been a competitive person. His hobbies included playing video games, sprinting and lifting weights.
Interesting enough, Jeudi was introduced to Muay Thai by watching the episode “Revenge of Ashura” from the anime series Street Fighter II V.

Jeudi explained to us the story about his first introduction to Muay Thai...

"I never knew how to pronounce the martial art style that I saw.  But I knew it was from a Street Fighter character, named Sagat. The moves that were displayed showed such raw power. The moves were intense. I thought nothing of it, at first. But that night, I had a serious adrenaline rush. I didn't know why until I actually thought hard as why I was feeling that way.  Then I knew. That night… I wanted to learn Muay Thai.  And I told myself that I will not throw a punch or a kick until I read the history of Muay Thai.  I spent three whole days researching the history of Muay Thai's history.  From there, I started self teaching.  I noticed there was a workout gym that had Muay Thai classes. I went to check it out right away.  I felt like a kid in a candy store."



Motoki “Jimmy” Hattori was the first man to teach Andres Jeudi the very basics of Muay Thai.  Afterwards, he started training under Hattori’s teacher, Kru Mark Nardone for a year.

“Whenever I wasn't training with Kru Mark Nardone, I was training in my room or outdoors, in the woods.  It became my passion.  I feel that Kru Mark Nardone put in years of Muay Thai training in me in just one year.  I grew confident and curious.  I wanted to know if Muay Thai really works.  I explained to him that I wanted to start fighting.   Kru Mark Nardone explained he would be unable to be my fighting coach because he did not own his own gym.  As a result,  he referred me to join Sityodtong, a Muay Thai school in Somerville, MA.”

Jeudi later explains how difficult this decision was for him, considering the fact that he is a loyal student.

“I was a bird that didn't want to leave the nest. But Kru Mark Nardone told me to focus being a loyal student to Sityodtong. I explain to Kru Mark DellaGrotte that I wanted to become a Muay Thai fighter.  After nine months of solid training, I had my first amateur Muay Thai fight….  And I won via TKO.”  


Andres remains undefeated with a fight record of 4-0 Amateur and 3-0 Professional in Muay Thai.
Andres made the transition to MMA when he fought and defeated Scott Lynch in 2010.
Andres has remained undefeated with an Professional MMA record of 4-0.

Andres has trained with several UFC fighters including Kenny Florian, Jorge Rivera,
Rich Franklin and others as they passed through the doors of Sityodtong.

Although Andres considers himself a Thai boxer, has worked hard in Jiu-Jitsu. 
Andres earned his Blue Belt under Professor Kevin Landry and
Tim Barchard of Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of New Hampshire.
He has also competed in Grappler’s Quest and placed third place in the Blue Belt division.

Whenever Andres is not training he enjoys spreading the teachings of Muay Thai to the next generation.
Andres currently runs the Children’s program at Sityodtong.


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his upcoming fight on June 2, 2012 at the Mohegan Sun Casino. 

He is an example of how life can be hard at times.
Andres Jeudi finished his education while working a full-time job and raising two sons. 

He did this all while remaining to be undefeated in Muay Thai and MMA.

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