Andres Jeudi vs. Matt Bessette in Reality Fighting

Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.™ is sponsoring Andres “The Black Shark” Jeudi in his first Reality Fighting appearance at Mohegan Sun on June 2, 2012.  I'm writing this blog to give my opinion about Andres Jeudi and his upcoming match-up against Matt Bessette.  Over the years, I've had both the pleasure and pain of training with Andres.  This fighter is also a great friend of Pound Cake and I. We met, of course, at Sityodtong.

When I first arrived at Sityodtong, Andres was already a Professional Muay Thai fighter with several wins.  I heard talk of Jeudi, a fighter who could take anyone down with his clench and INCREDIBLE knees.  After training at Sityodtong for a while, I felt I was ready to challenge him.  After quite a few beat downs from him, we began sparring on regular basis.  I remember us going at it for at least 10 "3-minutes" rounds.  We pushed each other to the point of exhaustion.  Most of the time, we left each other extremely battered and bruised after a training session.  I am thankful to both Kru Mark DellaGrotte and Andres because they taught me to slow down and refine my techniques.  They also taught me that the art of Muay Thai is not about throwing wild attacks and knocking people out.

Andres embraces the true spirit of a Muay Thai Fighter.  I remember going to his fights and feeling bad for his opponents because he would not only beat them, but would also leave them with the many marks of "The Black Shark."  I also remember thinking- "Man... I’m glad this guy is on my team.”   LOL

Due to the rise of MMA, Muay Thai fight cards became very scarce.  As a result, Andres made the transition to MMA in order to continue fighting competitively.  This fighter is quite successful in doing this.  Andres remains undefeated with a record of (4-0) in MMA. ­

Andres Jeudi will face his toughest challenge yet on June 2, 2012 against Matt Bessette, a well known fighter.

I only know what I’ve seen of Bessette on YouTube. But, he looks like a tough opponent.  He also looks like he will stick it out to the end.

I believe the nickname “the Black Shark” fits Andres in every respect.  As the name suggests- “The Black Shark” stalks his victims, finds their weak points and attacks relentlessly until they are finished.

I could not think of a more suitable name, could you?

My hat goes off to Matt Bessette for taking this fight.  I hope he is ready because Andres is ready to handle business.

The Black Shark is hungry.

I am open to any comments you have on this match up. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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