Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.

Description of Our Company
Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM is a company created in January 2012, focuses on providing quality mixed martial arts products nationwide.
Locally, this company focuses on personal training services and sponsoring mixed martial artists.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM is to be one of nation’s leading producers in mixed martial arts apparel and accessories.
We also strive in educating the public about how the proper use of combat sports can improve one’s overall health and quality of life.
Finally, Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM will aid in alleviating the financial pressures
that amateur and professional fighters face from day to day life.

The Origins of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM

“The meaning of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM is that life can be a struggle.
But, if you find a passion for that one thing that makes you happ
y, whatever that passion is, it will be easy.
The day-to-day and more serious struggles in life can weigh a person down.
 Life in itself is a struggle for some people.
Finding the one thing in life that makes the person happy can make everything easy.
For me, that one thing is literally fighting.”

-John “Luda” Cumper

From 2005 to 2010, John “Luda” Cumper, co-owner and
                                                                         founder of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM,
trained and competed in several amateur muay thai
competitions within the New England area.
                 During that time, mixed martial arts’ popularity was increasing
               due to the UFC and shows like “The Ultimate Fighter.
                    As a result, it became rather difficult to find amateur muay thai fights.

So, he was faced with a decision-

Either become a professional muay thai fighter or enter the world of mixed martial arts as an amateur fighter.

On July 30, 2010, John “Luda” Cumper entered the cage for
the first time as an amateur MMA fighter.
He won his first fight in 20 seconds of the first round due to a TKO!
n “Luda” Cumper realized that he made the right decision in transitioning
from muay thai to mixed martial arts.
While his life was improving in the fighting world,
his world outside the ring was becoming more difficult.

Although John thought about the concept of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM for
many years, he mentioned this concept while talking to his friends.
He felt that training at Sityodtong and fighting in the cage was
much easier than dealing with the many misadventures that
he and his wife/co-owner Tanya “Pound Cake” Cumper have endured over the years.

Even though his private life was getting better, he noticed his presence within the fighting world was decreasing due to lack of fights.
The reason why was very obvious, but was accidentally pointed out by one of his teammates while looking up their fights on YouTube...

Information about John “Luda” Cumper in the fighting world was extremely limited.

So, the owners of “Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM” decided that it would be best to put that information online for everyone to see.

But as you can see- a website that was originally created to increase
John “Luda” Cumper’s media presence evolved into a business that would benefit everyone nation wide!

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